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The Best Rim Cleaner for Cloudy, Scratched Wheels & Dusty Tires

Your tires and wheels are under a constant barrage of dirt, sand, mud, water, salt, sludge, snow, ice, bugs, tar, asphalt, roadkill, and brake dust that stick to the metal surface, which is made of clear-coat aluminum alloy, chrome, or painted stainless steel. The result is an eyesore, but worse than that, most of these substances are corrosive to the metal rims and the tire rubber. Etched and heavily scratched, automated car washes can’t get them clean so car and truck owners often use heavy abrasives and rough brushes to clean the metal themselves. That only makes the problem worse!

You should avoid over-the-counter “tire shine” products that claim to restore the rich black texture of tire rubber. Most of them are high in chemical make-up and famously crack, flake, sling off, fade, wear away, or separate when rubber hits the road. Some of them even discolor or turn brown from outgassing, making them look worse than they did before the application.

Platinum Plus Detailing uses safe, non-abrasive tools, professional-grade car care products, and advanced cleaning techniques to properly restore the shine and luster to your rims, wheels, and tires. Visit our best rim cleaner Orange County services today!

Once we get your tires and rims shining again, Platinum Plus Detailing offers amazing Gtechniq coating products for metal, plastic, and rubber that repel dirt and projectiles from the tire and wheel surface for several months. These coatings can be re-applied when needed to maintain their sparkling metallic shine and sleek black luster. Contact us for the free quote today!


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