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Does the Inside of Your Vehicle Smell Like a Dog House or Worse?

They may be man’s best friends, but we can all agree that dogs do not smell like a dozen roses. Add to the pet smells, sweaty PeeWee teams, spilled baby’s milk, stale coffee, and that unfortunate car sickness episode, and your vehicle may come in second only to a garbage truck in a stinky smell test!

Car Odor Removal Orange County is one of the most popular detailing services we offer. Life happens inside your car or truck and if you feel the need to ride with the windows down or otherwise hold your nose while driving or riding, let Platinum Plus relieve your misery!

Platinum Plus Detailing Company that Removes Odor at the Source

Odors must be removed at the source or they will simply worsen as time goes on. A big wet sponge and soap, believe it or not, causes the stain to spread, adding to it a build-up of mold and mildew. Closed up and parked all day in the hot sun or a stuffy parking garage, you just incubated the odor-causing bacteria! This noxious combination can create an unhealthy atmosphere inside your vehicle, irritating allergies and causing headaches.

Only a professional detailer like Platinum Plus Detailing uses hot steam and powerful suction to remove the bacteria that causes the odor, followed by our professional Ozone Treatments, to effectively remove the odors inside your vehicle! Offered as a premium add-on service to any detail, let Platinum Plus get the stink out of your vehicle! Contact us now!

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