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We offer car restoration Orange County services. Sometimes car owners become classic car owners by accident – you have an aging vehicle that like an old friend, has been a reliable and trustworthy companion for so long, you just can’t bear to part with it, even after buying a new vehicle.

Sometimes a classic car represents something more sentimental or nostalgic – you stole your first kiss in the back seat; it got you to your favorite fishing hole, or it drove you all over the country while you were building a business or courting your future spouse.

Others still, enjoy reviving an older car into a radical new ride for a second family driver or coming-of-age teen driver.

More often, classic car owners just have a passion for old cars, and buying and showing them is just part of who you are!

Many a family automobile has been discovered in locked garages and barns; found parked, unused, poorly maintained, and even left for dead.

Before You Respray, Get a FREE Paint Assessment

Sometimes a badly neglected or older vehicle can look like a lost cause, but one visit to a high-end car show will reveal the extent to which a severely neglected, sometimes abandoned vehicle can be restored! Repainting can cost upwards of $6,000 but a classic is worth more if you can preserve its original paint! A 1 to 3-stage Paint Correction will run $500 to $2,500 and as long as there is no rust present, Paint Correction will not only retain its original value and grandeur, but it will actually look better than a respray!

All plastic, metal, wood, or rubber trim is masked with tape before polishing, to avoid polisher burns and polish residue. Joab will also discuss with you the best products for waxing, sealing, or coating the finished product to protect it against further contamination. Some coatings are even durable enough to repel scratches, dirt, liquids, flying rock chips, and road debris; and may last for years, compared to weeks and months offered by waxes and sealants.

Whether you bought, inherited, found, or have always maintained a classic vehicle for personal use or for the show, you want to get its condition assessed by a high-end classic automotive detailer like Joab Flores at Platinum Plus Detailing.

Platinum Plus Takes Measure of Your Classic

Joab is one of Orange County’s most experienced classic automotive detailers. Certified by the Detailing Success Network and the International Detailing Association (IDA), Joab knows a thing or two about caring for iconic automotive assets.

Joab starts by taking measures – literally – of the precise thickness of your car paint to determine the extent to which environmental contaminates have built up on the surface, and whether a shampoo and clay bar is sufficient to remove them. He inspects the clear coat (if it has one) to assess the cobwebs of fine scratches; any oxidation or fading caused by time and the elements; and assesses the damage caused by etches, holograms, and swirls that dull the shine.

He also inspects the wheels and wheel wells, trim, door shuts, interior carpets, hard plastics, metals, and fabrics to determine what premium services are necessary to awaken the paint and restore freshness to the interior of your classic. On aging or neglected vehicles, Joab determines the best means for repairing that dull and scratched surface that is blurring the brilliance of your car paint; and depending on the results from these inspections, he will make recommendations on whether a clay bar is sufficient to clean the paint, or whether any of three levels of Paint Correction are needed.

Platinum Plus Detailing must assess the severity and appropriate approach to cleaning and correcting the paint, but we are serious when we say that many an abandoned clunker has been rehabilitated into a blue ribbon winner! Visit our pages on Paint Correction, Exterior & Interior Detailing, European Steam Cleaning, Tire Shine, Odor Removal, and Protective Coatings for more details on the Classic Revitalization process. Contact us now for more details!

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