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Car Steam Cleaner | Hot Steam For A Deep Clean!

When your vehicle is new, you spend the first few weeks guarding against the slightest misstep. No coffee on the way to work, no french fries on the run, and if it’s raining, you drive home in your stocking feet – but eventually, life catches up with you inside your car!

Designed to force the removal of dirt and grime down in the seams of your upholstery, the goo stuck in the tiny crevices and corners of your cup holders and door pockets, the heavy grease in the door jambs, and even inside your vents, which are portals for pollen and allergens that build up in hard to reach areas.

Platinum Plus Mobile Detailing uses hot steam or vapor with strong suction to safely spray areas that are impossible to reach with a cloth. We then extract all of the excess moisture along with the dirt. Available with adjustable nozzles that can be enhanced with a clean cloth, we are able to completely remove the dampness often left behind with a standard wet vac, in order to prevent the build-up of mold, mildew, and more bacteria that often make the problem worse.

When the “New” Wears Off Your Car Interiors

Platinum Plus’ powerful new chemical-free hot vapor cleaning technique whisks away bacteria-causing odors by removing the source of the stain and odor. Sold as a popular add-on premium service for family vehicles, work trucks, and for reviving an older or neglected vehicle’s interior, Platinum Plus’ steam cleaning method helps eliminate allergy-causing germs as well from your hard plastics, fabrics and upholstery, carpets and mats, and sneaky little crevices where a dropped French fry went to hide.

Even if your vehicle has pure leather upholstery, it is important to keep those luxurious fabrics well fed and well-nourished so humidity causing mildew and the ferocity of the sun will protect them from drying out and cracking.

You may want to finish it off with a protective coating! An interior European Steam Cleaning followed by any number of Gtechniq Coatings that actually repels dirt on plastics, fabrics, glass, and leather, is a must for every car owner, especially if you have children and pets!

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