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During the 1980s, upon the realization that environmental contaminants and industrial fallout known as acid rain were serious hazards to automotive paint, it became mainstream for car and truck manufacturers to lay down a fine layer of clear coat on top of the original automotive paint to protect it.

This clear coat also guards against minor scratch damage caused by anything from automated car wash brushes to everyday bumps and abrasions caused by sitting a bag of groceries on the hood or bumping against the surface with your coat, keys, or a purse.

What is Paint Correction?

Paint Correction is the removal of paint imperfections caused by robotic painters, fine scratches, swirls, holograms, and oxidation that make your car paint cloudy, hazy, or uneven.

Oxidation is a common culprit and it occurs when your vehicle has not been regularly waxed or protected by a wax sealant. Since oxidation is a chemical process and scratches are a physical manifestation of many brutal external factors, no amount of cleaning or polishing will bring back the original shine.

Don’t Try This at Home & Beware Inexperienced Detailers!

Ironically, the most dangerous culprit for fine scratches, swirls, and holograms are inexperienced detailers who get carried away with a too-hot power buffer. The result is distortions in the clear coat that are difficult, but not impossible, for paint correction specialists like Platinum Plus Detailing to get out.

Do-it-Yourselfers (DIY) are also guilty of using dirty rags, sponges, and towels when washing and drying, failing to thoroughly rinse off the dirt with a lubricating shampoo, and thereby grinding dirt into the clear coat, unknowingly causing scratches.

Because it is such a meticulous and advanced detailing service, paint correction Orange County requires a highly-skilled detailer with a certification in Paint Correction, as well as a great deal of knowledge about automotive paint.

Truthfully, the paint on your new vehicle is rarely perfect!

It is not unusual for new car and truck owners to call Platinum Plus right after driving their new vehicle home! Your new vehicle has been manhandled by service technicians, potential buyers, and delivery personnel. If you have ever seen a freight load of new cars on the highway, you know those new vehicles have suffered from road debris and exposure, but they have also, more than likely, sat in storage near dockside and a railway station prior to that!

If you think your vehicle is shiny when you get it home, we can guarantee that with a 1-Stage Paint Correction, that vehicle will look better than it ever did coming off the assembly line full of robotic painters!

What about Single Stage Paint on Classics Dating Before the 1980s?

Damaged paint on classic cars, especially those built before the invention of clear coats a specialty at Platinum Plus! Check out our Classic Revitalization section for more information on Joab Flores’ work on Classics and Exotics! We have prepped some of the most expensive classics on the West Coast and helped car and truck owners revitalize the effects of aging paint using paint cleaning and correction techniques.

Get More Information on Long-term Paint Protection with Gtechniq Coatings

Now that you understand the need for Paint Correction, we offer durable, long-term protective coatings to protect it! After buffing your newly corrected paint out to a brilliant shine, Platinum Plus will recommend either a long-lasting wax sealant or a new semi-permanent Gtechniq Coating that actually repels dirt and scratches for several months at a time.

With periodic detailing and Joab there to monitor the health of your paint, your vehicle will maintain its shine for months and years rather than weeks and months! Call us now for more details!

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