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Our auto detailing and tint technicians are experts in providing the window tint Irvine, and Orange County need to stay protected. In Southern California, our cars are constantly exposed to harmful UV rays. The year round sunshine is great to live in, but can be destructive to vehicles.  With the addition of window tint to any glass surface, a substantial portion of harmful UV rays are blocked. This results in less glare, less heat, less cabin surface damage, and most importantly, less damage to your skin. Pair these benefits with the aesthetically pleasing appeal of tint and your car adds both style and practicality!

The Ceramic tint film provides elite interior cabin protection. Ceramic tint films block more than 90% of glare and rejects more than 40% of total solar energy. The films offered at our shop are backed by lifetime warranties against delamination, cracking, peeling, bubbling and fading. We have six shades of the ceramic tint available to perfectly match our client’s needs. For a free quote for your vehicle, please click here.

Included in Package

  • Non metal film
  • Glare & UV reduction
  • Wont interfere with incoming/outgoing signals
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