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High Performance Window Tint Orange County


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Here at Platinum Plus Detailing, our high performance window tint Orange County is manufactured and locally distributed by Global window tint. This film provides elite protection and high performance without any use of metal components. Since it’s a non-metal film radio, cellular and Bluetooth signals easily pass through the film resulting in a clear signal. You may also visit our ceramic tint.

The film is only two millimeters thick but provides elite protection. This non-reflective film absorbs up to 83% of solar energy and reduces glare by up to 96%! These benefits result in a safer drive, less glare, and a comfier and cooler ride for all cabin occupants. Additional added benefits include extended interior longevity, as harmful UV rays are not able to penetrate as easily. We’ve all seen damaged and discolored leather as a result of the negative impacts of the sun – and window tint films are a great deterrent to internal solar damage. For a free quote for your vehicle, please click here.

Included in Package

  • Glare and solar reduction
  • 83% solar energy absorption
  • 96% glare reduction
  • Cabin protection
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