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Professional Window Tinting in Orange County

Window Tinting Services | Platinum Plus Detailing

Operating a window tinting business in Orange County has its challenges. The market is saturated with companies that claim to have window tint specials for under $99. With Platinum Plus Detailing, however, you get what you pay for. Unlike our competitors and their $99 specials, we stand by our products and services. That’s what separates us from the masses. Our packages are backed by ten-year warranties against delamination, bubbling yellowing, and peeling. With our window tinting Orange County services, you’ll feel confident in your purchase as well as protected. In Southern California, the sunshine beats down on us hard. When this strong sunshine hits, it takes its toll not only on the skin but on our car’s interior as well.

Car tint is unique in that it adds both aesthetic and practical value to the vehicle. Every year the sun gets stronger and this takes its toll on your skin and your interior. With the addition of tint, you’ll get added protection from the sun. More than 95% of dangerous UV rays are blocked with this addition resulting in healthier skin and a healthier interior. The window tint also increases privacy and adds additional protection from wandering eyes to the interior cabin of the vehicle. For a free window tint quote for your car, please click here.

Benefits of Window Tinting

Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy with our professional car window tinting

  • The window tint from Platinum Plus offers heat rejection from the sun during the day and provides your vehicle with increased comfort. This in turn helps the air conditioning system works more efficiently.
  • At Platinum Plus our tint offers great visibility while also reducing glare. It maintains a comfortable and productive cabin environment by reducing interior fading and improving exterior appearance.
  • Although tint films cannot avoid glass breakage, they can hold the pieces of broken glass preventing them from spreading in case of accidents or vandalism. This technology helps prevent physical harm or injury to you and your passengers. These films block nearly 100% of harmful ultraviolet rays, which have been identified as a major cause of skin cancer.

High-Performance Window Tint

 The High-Performance Window Tint is our top-of-the-line window tinting option. This package provides elite glare and solar reduction that protects the cabin’s interior from premature aging. This film absorbs 83% of solar energy and reduces glare by up to 96%.


Ceramic Tint

 The Ceramic Tint package is our introductory tint option. This non-metal film reduces glare and significantly reduces UV rays while never interfering with incoming or outgoing radio/ cellular signals.

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