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Windshield Repair | Orange County

It comes out of nowhere driving California’s highways and byways. Ping! A rock flies up from the road and the next thing you know you have what we call a “bulls-eye”, or perhaps even a full-blown crack in your windshield, right in your line of vision!

Bulls-eyes are deceptively small, and the idea of replacing your whole windshield because of such an insignificant but offensive flaw will cost a fortune! But the bad news is … even a small crack if left unchecked will spread!

For over 10 years, Platinum Plus Detailing has been certified in windshield repair Orange County services. Before you take your vehicle to a body shop, let Platinum Plus offer you a fast and affordable way to repair any damage to your windshield in just a few minutes. Our service can cost less than a quarter of the cost of replacement and most, if not all insurance companies pay for the repair cost!

Paint Chip Repair

Driving our interstates and highways, our vehicles are exposed to vicious attacks! Between the bug splatter and bird droppings that leave an acidic residue that in a very short time, etch and pits the paint, most drivers have also been caught behind semi-trucks and construction equipment as it sprays your vehicle with stinging pebbles, rocks, and debris. Dirt and sand constantly fly up from the road to chip your paint, and a stinging handful of pea-sized dirt coming at you at 80 mph leaves deep and injurious scars in your paint, known as road rash.

Platinum Plus Detailing is an expert with automotive paint and at fixing paint chips and other damage caused by flying road rash and debris that mar the looks of your vehicle, especially around the bumpers, grilles, tires, and lower panels. Contact us now!

Headlight Restoration

One of the most overlooked, but important aesthetic repairs car owners will face is Headlight Restoration! There is nothing more pertinent to road safety than being able to see properly in all environments; but several years ago, car makers switched from glass to a more malleable polycarbonate plastic for designing and shaping headlights.

The problem with that change is that the sun’s ultraviolet rays dry out the lightweight material and over time, today’s headlights develop tiny micro-cracks that cause hazy yellow discolorations. These discolorations dull the headlight beam, causing poor illumination. Furthermore, most modern vehicles use replaceable light bulbs whose heat exacerbates the discoloration, compromising night vision and reducing the brightness of your headlights by up to 80 percent.

Joab Flores of Platinum Plus Detailing is certified in headlight restoration and can usually repair your headlights onsite in less than an hour, improving visibility by 140% without the cost of replacement. He uses a professional-grade headlight lens restoration system that removes fine scratches, followed by a special polishing process that increases your headlight’s brightness by 3x to 4x their damaged state.

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